Wednesday, May 04, 2005

karma chameleon

" come and go... you come and go, whoa-ho..."

Life is so full of surprising twists. Just when you thought you were done and over with something, the past comes back to haunt you. These days i am constantly reminded of certain things in my past, some of which may be better off not remembering. However, due to lack of emotional diversion, i find myself thinking of the what-ifs and could-bes of the situation, thus confusing myself even more and well, paint myself into a corner.

i try to not think of it as something open-ended, like the last time. After all, the new you is soo... different that i can hardly imagine myself talking to youthe same as before. Perhaps i crave the good ole days. Perhaps i seek refuge in something familiar, something that i can safely say, "home", in a sense.

Ah... i do not know anymore. The new turn in my life is leading me to more questions rather than answers. Do i miss you for who you are, or what you represent?

Argh.. My brain is begging me to stop tormeting myself.

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